What Is Infection Control?

Indoor surfaces and air may look and smell clean. But time and again it may be contaminated with harmful microorganisms that contain airborne and viral diseases. It is contagious and spreads from person to person in various common ways which include:

  • Breathing in airborne droplets from an infected person
  • Consuming food or water contaminated with a virus
  • Indirect transmission from person to a person possibly from pests such as mosquito, tick, or rats
  • Touching surfaces containing viruses (cross-contamination)

With the recent rise of Covid-19, it has triggered worrying citizens to stay healthy and hygienic. We often hear the quote “prevention is better than cure”, which we couldn’t emphasize more when it comes to airborne, viral and communicable diseases. Infected persons can have life-threatening complications, such as dehydration, bacterial pneumonia, and other secondary bacterial infections and are especially riskier for those who are young or very old. There are many ways to prevent you and people you care about from getting these deadly diseases.

Surface Sanitation


Basic Surface Sanitation with its holistic approach involves a thorough misting treatment to deliver the solutions to the entire space. The mist will be directed at a high point to let it fall naturally on all the contact surfaces. Your premises get sanitized in a few hours.

Why Do You Need Surface Sanitation?

  • Reduce the risk of cross-infection in an enclosed area
  • The safe and comfortable environment offers peace of mind
  • Responsible action to take during a pandemic outbreak

Further Information & Next Steps 

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