House Cleaning

You can avail best cleaning services for your residences. It is our ultimate promise to deliver a spotless place on monthly maid service.

Office Cleaning

If you’re an employer and tired of guiding you’re cleaning staff and still unsatisfied from their services, then PROCHEM  is definitely a place to call for floor cleaning and deep cleaning services for your commercial business.

Spring Cleaning

We de-clutter all your stuff in our spring cleaning services like cleaning and organizing the kitchen, scrubbing bathrooms, washing windows (glassware and woodware), for residential and commercial units.

Move In / Out Cleaning

The process of moving in or moving out often gets troublesome if there is no one to help you properly in cleaning your space. We offer Part Time Maids for the house cleaning services in Qatar where you can seek professional help while moving in or out of your residences or workplaces.


Deep Cleaning

PROCHEM Cleaning Services is the best cleaning company in Qatar when it comes to deep cleaning where you will be satisfied to see every corner spot free

Event Cleaning

The business of event organizing is surely not an easy task. We guarantee to keep yourself indulged in other chores of the event while your part-time maid can be trusted for house cleaning in Qatar. This instance, call us now for hiring best cleaning services for your event cleaning needs.

Mattress Cleaning

We know cleaning your mattress can take your stress level to the rise. The climate and the weather in Qatar is the ideal growth place for bed bugs and dust mites which nest in your mattress. But don’t worry, they will be taken care of by PROCHEM  Cleaning Services which is known as the best house cleaning services in Qatar. Our part-time staff is there to help you clean your mattress free of dust and germs.

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