PROCHEM will provide you with professional cleaning crews that will guarantee customer satisfaction. Our wide array of   commercial cleaning services will give you all the solutions you need with the quality you expect.The cost of   cleaning for residential cleaning companies in Qatar is a per hour rate for a minimum of 4 hours or straight 8   hours and will not be determined by the size of your home, condition, and frequency of cleaning.

>A thorough home cleaning a few times help make maintaining your home a lot easier. Tell us what you want and    we at PROCHEM do the way you want it to meet your needs.

Industrial Support Services
>Aircraft Cleaning – exterior & interior
>Factory & Workshop Cleaning
>Waste Management
>Yatch Management
>Daily Office Cleaning
>Routine & Periodical Cleaning
>Swimming Pool
El Cajon Office Cleaning
Cleaning of New Building Complexes
>High Rise buildings
>External window Cleaning
>General Housekeeping
>Caretaking-Reception Duties
>General Building Maintenance Services
>Swimming Pool Maintenance
>Water Tank Cleaning

Our Cleaning Team rendering the services of

>Sweeping of Car Parking,
>Wiping of  Furniture and Glasses
>Office Table and Chairs,
>Glass Door
>Clean and Disinfect toilet and pantry,
>Sweep and Mop floor area,
>Clean Elevator Mirrors,
>Collect and dispose garbage,
>Clean and empty dustbins and ashtray,
>Sweep and mop staircase,
>Clean A/C vents


Two window cleaners at work


Originally founded as a high-level window cleaning service, we now specialise in all areas of commercial window cleaning. To us, no window is out of reach. And we pride ourselves on getting to any glazing, however tricky the location.

Our General Maintenance Division provides unique levels of professional property maintenance services throughout Qatar and the surrounding areas on behalf of private homeowners, building landlords and residential tenants. We provide annual property maintenance services that are entirely flexible so as to suit your needs.

Top One has an executive team with a combined total of 5 years experience of living and working in Qatar in the facilities management sector. We provide an exceptional level of local and cultural understanding, which guarantees outstanding levels of service delivery.

Top One recognizes that the protection of your property can be best achieved by establishing a balanced program of short, medium and long term pro-active maintenance measures. Whether it is a professional re-active response to a call out problem or a pro-active scheduled program of maintenance, the need for both is clear.

We take a lot of pride in our work, and we believe that we are totally different than most, if not all, cleaning services available.  Our goal has always been to build our business by keeping our customers on a repeat basis. The only way to do this is to provide exceptional service at a competitive rate. We are proud that our impeccable reputation is based upon:

>Superb reliability and trust.
>Dedication to our customers needs
>Complete communication with our customers
>Owner involvement with each account
>Superior knowledge of all cleaning processes and methods



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